The European Power Generation Strategy Summit
Main Conference
(28-30th November)
European Power Generation Strategy 2018 Main Conference Topics Include

  • Strategic Planning: Coal, Gas,  Nuclear and Renewable Power Generation

  • Thorough Examination of the Sector's Low Carbon Transition Process, Electricity Price
    Trends and Projections. Analysis of Leading Practitioners on the Consequences for the
    Power Utilities Industry

  • Optimising the Forward-Planning Process Regarding the Future Power Generation Portfolio
    Mix for Power Companies Operating Within the Europe

  • Moving Forward with the EU's Single Market for Electricity - Smart Power, Grids and How New
    European Interconnectors Will Impact Europe's Energy Utility Sector

  • Where European Energy Companies Should be Investing Given Europe’s Ambitious Carbon
    Reduction Targets and Fuel Supply Constraints

  • Projection of European and World Energy Demand and How to Secure the EU’s Energy and
    Fuel Supply

  • How Pioneering Emerging Technologies Will Affect The European Power Generation
    Industry in the coming Decade

  • Fuel Supply Diversification and Security and Overcoming the Challenges Associated with
    Gas Sourcing

  • Enabling Nuclear Energy to Effectively Contribute to a Carbon Free Market

  • Virtual Power Plant Systems Development & Efficiently Upgrading Existing and New Build
    Power Plants

  • How European Power Generators Should Prepare for the Mass Electrification of Personal
    Transport Vehicles

  • Regulatory Issues & Practical Implementation and Cost Implications of the EU Energy

  • Assessing the Progress and Cost Implications in Achieving 20/20/20, 2030 and 2050 targets

“Europe has the know-how, the ability and the ambition to lead the world in developing the
technologies required to tackle climate change.”
                            -  Connie Hedegaard, EU Commissioner for Climate Action
European Power Generation Strategy Summit
& Power Project Financing and New Technologies Forum
28th - 30th November 2018 | Radisson Blu Amsterdam | Netherlands