Agenda: Thursday 28th November | All Sessions
Main Conference Day 1 | European Power Strategy & Systems Summit
Exhibition opens at 08:15  | Conference sessions held from 08:50 - 18:30
Transition from Traditional Business Model of Power Generation to
Incorporating Virtual Power-Plant Capacity | Case Study: Verbund
  • Expanding a network of “virtual power plants” purchasing energy from
    own generator homes and business driven by renewables, solar, wind,
    biomass and hydro plants
  • Leverage costs and relationships with clients by cross-selling other
    energy services
  • Partnering with software companies to power new virtual offerings
  • Integrating supply with clients

Speaker: Wolfgang Pell, Managing Director, VERBUND Solutions
DSOs Transition to Real Time System Operation with Distributed Resources
  • Enabling the transition from passive to active networks and clients:
    Overcoming the challenges for the distribution grids
  • DSO evolution and contribution to the increasing complexity of the
    electricity system
  • Implementing Active Network Management solutions: approaches and
    current projects

Speaker: Raphael Rinaldi, Head of EU/Transnational subsidized programs,
Network Development, Global Infrastructures & Networks,

With more than 10 years experience in the electricity sector, Raphael Rinaldi is
currently involved in several European-scale Smart Grids projects and initiatives
in this field.
  • Adapting your business strategy and transition to a low-carbon economy
  • The changes in the distribution of electricity
  • The impact and growth of renewables and new technologies
  • Empowering customers with 'smart' innovation, digital services
How UK Power Networks is Meeting Its Long-Term Challenges of a Low
Carbon Economy | Implementing New Technologies & Distribution Systems
  • Assessment of capacity remuneration mechanisms operating in Europe
    so far
  • New providers in ancillary/balancing markets in the context of electricity
    demand and distributed generation

Speaker: Michele Governatori, Institutional & Regulation Affairs Director, Axpo
Italia SpA

Axpo Italia SpA
sells and trades energy products and derivatives. It supplies
electric power that is produced from hydro, wind, solar, and biomass sources;
and natural gas.
Re-Emergence of Carbon Pricing and its Effect on Fuel Prices, Generation
Mix and Power Prices
Speaker: Salman Khan, Senior Power Market Analyst, Genscape
  • EU carbon prices increase in value over recent years due to
    decreasing emissions cap and fuel supply
  • Result of the recent reform of the EU-ETS vis-à-vis MSR where the
    supply of EUAs is decreasing
  • Consequences for power generation from carbon intensive generation
  • Adequate price signals needed to incentivise long-term investment in
    low-carbon technologies
"The event gives a great
overview of the challenges
being faced by the utilities
industry today together
with a snapshot of the
technical solutions
currently available and
under development."
Kenneth Engblom
Marketing Director, Wärtsilä

"An exceptional summit.
Very good speakers that
completely satisfied what I
wanted to hear about.
Excellent job by the EPG
management team."
Dr. George Papaioannou,
ADMIE S.A (Greek T.S.O)

"Extremely informative and
insightful regarding the
most recent power market
developments and
preparing for the
challenges ahead - All
excellent speakers and
presentations, thank you!"
Dragana Popovic,
Production Planning

"Attending Power Europe I
get important additional
insights regarding the
future developments
occurring in the European
Energy Market."
Sabrina van de Kerk,
Structured Finance - Power &
. ING Bank NV

"Extremely useful to be
informed of the current
situation in European
energy markets, the return
on capital investments,
electricity pricing structure
and market design."
Alexey Gruber, Head of
Financial Planning,
NP Market Council

"Great presentations,
excellent programme,
interesting attendees and
perfect organisation - a
networking MUST! "
Andreas Frömmel, VP -
Commercial & Business
Energy Solutions

" An excellent conference,
very informative and
extremely well organised. "
Dr. William Kyte
Former Senior Advisor
Limited to a maximum of 10 participants per discussion, the end-of-day private round table
discussion groups provide participants with an excellent networking opportunity. Participants
pre-register their seat to come together over a specific issue and speak openly and frankly on
issues and challenges with their peers and leading specialists offering a valuable opportunity for
focussed and extended exchange of knowledge, ideas and solutions. Light refreshments and
canapes are also served during the discussions
End-of-Day Private Round Table Discussions   |  17:20 - 18:30
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18:30 | Day 1 Sessions End
He specializes in the European wholesale power and gas markets. His
expertise includes market design, price formation andprice modelling,
asset valuation and due dilligence, regulations, and marketsurveillance.  
Local, Digital, Flexible: Towards a Renewed European Power Spot Market
  • How power spot markets are moving further short-term and more flexible
  • The implications and potential released by the digitalization of spot power
  • How local flexibility markets are going to complement the European
    electricity market
Speaker: Dr.  Philippe  Vassilopoulos, Director of  Product Design, EPEX SPOT
Dr.  Philippe Vassilopoulos is Director of  Product   Design at EPEX SPOT  where
he also served as Economist and Market Surveillance Officer.
Balancing Europe's National, Regional and EU-Wide Power System
Throughout the Entire Value Chain | From Power Generators, Distributed
Resources, TSOs, DSOs and Prosumers
  • Utilising new elements, methods & technologies to balance the electricity
  • Using EVs as a balancing mechanism: Case study – the Netherlands
  • Potential role of blockchain technology as a congestion management tool

Speaker: Jan Vorrink, Manager National Control Center, TenneT TSO BV
Jan is the manager of the National Control Centre of TenneT TSO BV
which is the Dutch Transmission System Operator. Mr. Vorrink
graduated with a Master in Business Administration and is an Engineer.
  • Overview of the US power market and new regulatory developments
  • Utility scale power storage
  • Development and future requirements of bulk power systems
  • Cyber, physical security, and potential GMD and  EMP emergency
    management needs

Speaker: Brian Evans-Mongeon, CEO, Utility Services (USA)
Brian Evans-Mongeon has over twenty-five years of experience in the electrical
utility business working for both Green Mountain Power corporation as a power
operations & administration manager and Vermont Public Power supply authority
as a marketing services manager. As the president and CEO of Utility Services, he
is responsible for oversight of constituent’s ERO compliance and monitoring, ISO
& NEPOOL markets, and renewable energy trading and associated activities.  
USA Power Market Developments, Resilience, New Technologies & Risks
Utility Services
  • The benefits that energy storage can provide and issues to be addressed
  • Deploying a robust smart grid for the future to enable the integration of
    renewable and distributed energy resources
  • Supporting customer choices, improve grid stability and to improve power
    supply options
  • The use of innovative energy technologies and energy storage
The Role of Energy Storage in Smarter Energy Infrastructures
Speaker: Dr. Lawrence E. Jones, Vice President, International Programs,
Edison Electric Insitute (EEI)
New Technologies & Advances in Large Scale Storage Deployment
Current and Future Solutions & Applications
  • Best means to secure the grid: exploring new technologies
  • The important risks and limitations regarding storage solutions
  • The business case for storage solutions

Speaker: Timothee Hinchliffe, Project Manager, Energy Storage, EDF

Timothée Hinchliffe is project manager on energy storage economics at EDF
R&D. His main focus over the past five years has been the assessment of
energy storage needs through the use of modelling, and considering the
competition with other flexibility levers such as interconnections or demand
response. Timothée holds a Master’s in Electrical engineering from Supelec.
10:30 - 10:50
Coffee Break & Refreshments in the Networking Lounge
Coffee Break & Refreshments in the Networking Lounge
09:00 Sessions
Energy as a Service | Forming a Strategic Partnership with the Customer
  • Compiling several customer offerings into one holistic Energy
    Management Solution
  • Savings without investments - The customer journey
  • Offering commercial flexibility products
As a specialist in the Nordic, UK and German electricity wholesale and Ancillary
Services markets Thomas is responsible for the regulatory management of
Orsted's flexibility business through strategic development, regulatory impact
assessment, as well as business processes and solution design. Projects
include Smart Energy, Demand Response and flexibility.
Speaker:  Thomas Kudela, Regulatory Manager, Distribution & Customer
Orsted (Dong Energy)
Discussion 2 |   Power Utility Transformation & Digistisation
Discussion 3 |   Trading Developments, Systems, Markets & Volumes
Discussion 4 |   T&D System Requirements for Managing 40-60% RES
Discussion 5 |   EV Infractructure Development & Power System Integration
Discussion 6 |   New Technology Utilisation in Distributed Power Systems
Discussion 7 |   Security System Design Within Smart Grid Architecture
Discussion 9 |   EU Regulatory Developments & Risk Management
Discussion 1 |   CEO/MD & Power Europe Executive Advisory Panel
Discussion 10 |   Demand Response Systems for Power Generators
Discussion 8 |   Storage Systems & Distribution & Retail Market Applications
Discussion 11 |   Middle East & Africa Power System Design & Development
  • How to organize the interaction between TSO and DSO in order to allow an
    efficient provision of ancillary services from distribution
  • How this can be framed into the EU regulatory framework
  • The kind of market architecture that will best fit
  • Guaranteeing efficient monitoring and control through of the grid through
How to Deploy Smart Grid Applications to Combat Power Outages and Cut
Network Losses
Speaker:  Mark Ossel, Member of the Board, OSGP Alliance
2019 World Energy Report | Trends & Fuel Price Dynamics - Implications on
Power Utilities: What Will Tomorrow's Power Sector Look Like?
  • Latest data, technology trends & policies:  implications to the energy sector
  • Integrated ways to meet multiple sustainable development goals
  • Impacts of cost reductions in key clean energy technologies
  • Fast-changing dynamics of energy investment and incentives for investment
    to ensure reliable supply, and what share of our total energy needs can
    ultimately be met by electricity?
  • How innovation can improve the environmental performance of oil and gas
  • New Sustainable Development Scenario: The linkages between energy and
Strategic Decision-Making in the Development and Diversification of the
Power Production Portfolio | Case Study: Lietuvos Energija
Power Portfolio Management and Strategy: Responding to the Challenges
Created By Decarbonisation, Hydrocarbon and Electricity Price Dynamics
  • Moving away from the dependence of Gas to Power.
  • Current and future opportunities to acquisitions of existing wind power.
    parks outside Lithuania (BaltCap).

Speaker: Dominykas Tučkus, Generation & Services Director, Lietuvos Energija

Mr. Tuckus has served as Member of the Supervisory Board of  since December
21, 2015. Key responsibilities include leading negotiations with LNG suppliers,
establishing and managing key functional teams, managing relations with
stakeholders, engaging in the establishment of regulatory framework, and
raising capital for startup projects.
  • Maintaining competitiveness in the power market.
  • Wholesale market issues.
  • Targets and new business plans the current oil price economy.
  • The new parameters and projections for the future of the energy sector
    with the current tendencies in oil prices (e.g. Estonia/ Europe)
  • Increasing RES contribution to the power portfolio
Speaker: Hando Sutter, Chairman of the Management Board, Eesti Energia

Prior to joining Enefit, Mr. Sutter served for four years as the Regional Market
Manager of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia for Nord Pool Spot, the largest
electricity exchange in the Nordic region. He has also served as a consultant in
the energy, investment and entertainment fields. He holds a degree in
mechanical engineering from the Tallinn University of Technology and in
business administration from the Estonian Business School.
Benelux & Netherlands Power Market Developments Outlook
  • Status and Outlook for Benelux/Netherlands Energy Markets and
    Implementation of Klimaatakkoord
  • The Potential for Hydrogen in the Benelux/Netherlands Power Markets

Speaker & Discussion Leader: André Jurres, FMR CEO Essent (Belgium), CEO
NPG Energy
New Approaches and Innovation to Manage Power DSO & TSO Transition
Challenges | Impacts of Smart Technologies and Distributed Generation
  • Review of 2017/2018 critical grid situations
  • Utilising blockchain technology as a potential congestion management tool
  • Examining spot pricing for European retails markets
  • Future assignment of roles and responsibilities on distributed power systems
  • Tipping point for RES and PV - implications for generators and the power market value chain
Open Keynote Discussion Led by the Power Europe Executive Advisory Board:
Speaker: Sotiris Georgiopoulos, Head of Smart Grid Development,
UK Power Networks
Sotiris is responsible for business rollout of the successful innovation
projects and the delivery of UK Power Networks’ DSO strategy.  Sotiris
has over 10 years experience with UK Power Networks in the areas of
innovation, construction and energy services development.
Speaker: Brent Wanner, Lead, Power Generation Analysis, World Energy Outlook:
Energy Demand Division -Technology and Outlooks,
International Energy Agency
Developing and Maintaining Critical Power Assets in Context of Distributed
RES Production & Storage Methods and Technologies
  • Overview of the HSE power asset portfolio.
  • Rejuvenation of key assets - Balancing investments in new production vs
    ageing legacy assets.
  • Impact and management of distributed RES Production
  • Responsibly managing hydro assets in environmentally sensitive areas
Speaker: Djordje Zebeljan, Energy Policies, New Technologies, R&D,
, Holding Slovenske Elektrarne (HSE)

HSE is a state-owned power generation company in Slovenia. It is the largest
company in Slovenia and was established by a government decision in 2001.
The company consists of hydroelectric plants based on the Drava, Sava, and
Soča rivers and coal-fired power plants in Brestanica, Šoštanj, and Velenje.
Welcome to the New Digital Energy Era - How Advanced Optimization Can
Unlock the Real Value of Flexibility
  • Flexibility – Why so much fuss about it?
  • How much Flexibility and how much capacity is needed?
  • Why co-optimisation of balancing and reserves provision?
  • Why LMPs are needed
Speaker:  Dr. Christos Papadopoulos,
Regional Director Europe, Energy Exemplar
Looking Forward to a Decarbonised, Decentralised and Digitalised Energy
System, As We Replace Conventional Generation with Renewables, While
Simultaneously Electrifying Heat and Transportation
  • Meeting the flexibility needs of the future system.
  • How will it be valued and traded?
  • Will distribution network congestion be ‘normal’?
  • How local network congestion can be managed, and by whom.
Discussion Panel Leader:  Stephen Woodhouse, Chief Digital Officer,
The End-Customer as Key to Bridge the Gap Between Renewable Energy
Integration and Grid Stability
  • New solar technology and its capabilities
  • Solar technology's role in new distributed generation systems
  • Overcoming financing challenges for solar projects in Europe

Speaker:  Sandra Trittin, Head of Business Development, TIKO
Sandra Trittin is  co-founder and Head of Business Dev.& Marketing of
Swisscom Energy Solutions. She began her career at a management
consultancy working in the areas of process optimiziation/ restructuring and
supply chain management for different companies in the automotive and
telecommunications industry. She joined Swisscom in 2002 reorganizing
process and organizational structures to increase process efficiency for the
service delivery and network construction. Afterwards she was leading teams in
software design/development for the construction of IP based communication
13:00 - 14:00
Lunch in the Networking Lounge
Interflex Smart Grid Project: Advanced Management and Operation Strategies
for Distributed Energy Resources
  • Overview of the H2020 funded project Interflex
  • Advanced management and operation strategies for distributed energy
  • Dealing with complex curtailment management
  • The integration of customer-owned flexibility in grid operation
  • Concepts for demand side management from a DSO perspective
Speaker:  Christian Dumbs, Project Coordinator, ENEDIS | Interflex
biggest EU Research and Innovation programme, Horizon 2020, the smart grid project InterFlex
was officially launched in January 1st, 2017. For the three years of its Duration 20 project partners
will explore new ways to use various forms of flexibilities in the aim of optimizing the electric power
system on a local scale. InterFlex investigates the Interactions between Flexibilities provided by
energy market players and the distribution grid, with a particular focus on energy storage, smart
charging of electric vehicles, demand response, islanding, grid automation and the integration of
different energy carriers (gas, heat, electricity).
European Power Strategy & Systems Summit
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