Agenda: Monday 27th November
European Power Strategy & Systems Summit
& Power Project Financing and New Technologies Forum
27-29th November 2017 | Sofitel Hotel | Vienna | Austria
Pre-Conference New Power Technologies & Project Financing Forum
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Enabling Clean Energy Solutions and Systems to Thrive Within
the EU Power Market | Commission Initiatives and Future Plans
Speaker: Gerassimos Thomas, Deputy Director General, Directorate General
, European Commission

Gerassimos Thomas is Deputy Director General in the Directorate-General for
Energy at the European Commission. He is also Chairman of the Steering
Board of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) and member of
the EIB Board of Directors.
Exhibition opens at 12:00  |  Conference sessions commence at 13:15

Distributed Energy Resource Management
Dedicated Extended Workshop  (2.5 hours)

Part 1 | Introduction to Distributed Energy Resources
  • The Rise of Distributed Energy Resources – The history and status of DERs. Current
    business cases and initiatives.
  • The Regulatory and Market Environment for DERs – The impacts of EU, cross-border,
    national, and local policies and regulations. Current debates and controversies (e.g.,
    capacity). The status and prospects of DER markets. What TSOs and DSOs should expect
    as the context for their initiatives.
  • Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) - VPP varieties and alternatives: definition, role, and design.
    Examples of different VPP types now deployed. VPP plans and design for the future.
  • Technical and Operating Challenges for DERs – Performance criteria for DERs. How DERs
    work. Managing DERs compared to managing traditional energy resources. Technical
    issues of DER design, deployment, operation, and maintenance. What a DERMS needs to
  • Q & A followed by a short break.

Part 2 | Distributed Energy Resource Management
  • Standard Management Methods -  Traditional approaches to managing DERs (e.g.,
    operating constraints, grid devices).
  • Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) – Software platform and
    architecture. Integration with other platforms. TSO vs. DSO design differences. Cybersecurity.
  • DERMS Use Cases – TSO, DSO and energy-supplier use cases for DERMS.
  • Q & A

Part 3 | Developing DERMS and Supporting VPPs in Your Organization
  • Selection - What to ask vendors during the planning stage. DERMS and VPP performance
    criteria to include in a Request-for-Proposal (RFP). Pricing. Selection metrics.
  • Testing – How to design and operate DERMS and VPP Proof of Concept tests across a
    variety of requirements. Discovering and employing best-practices and learning from other
    organizations. Evaluating test results.
  • Deployment – Integrating DERMS and VPPs with other systems and resources. Upgrading
    DERMS and VPPs.
  • Future Challenges – What to expect as DERs continue to develop. VPP market prospects.
    New research & development directions for TSOs, DSOs, and their suppliers.
  • Q & A
  • Conclusions

Presented by: Craig Boice,
Senior Advisor to the President,  Bud Vos, President  & Eric Young, Vice
Enbala Power Networks
Powered by
The Strategic Utilisation of Gas To Meet the Challenges of the ‘Clean
Energy for all Europeans’ Package
  • How natural and renewable gas can hold the key to cost effective solutions,
    within market design, energy efficiency, renewables or the energy
    performance of buildings.
  • Gas to electricity as an important back up and flexibility in supporting the
    variability of renewable energy sources
  • Recognising the link between gas and retail issues raised by the “winter
    package” | consumer rights and empowerment

Speaker: Beate Raabe, Secretary General, EUROGAS
How UK Power Networks is Meeting the Long-Term Challenges of a Low
Carbon Economy | New Technologies & Distribution System Transformation
  • Adapting business strategy with the transition to a low-carbon economy
  • Overcoming the challenges given the changes in the  distribution of electricity
  • The impact and growth of renewables and implementation of new technologies
  • Empowering customers with 'smart' innovation, digital services

                                             Speaker: Basil Scarsella, CEO, UK Power Networks
Advances in Thermal Energy Storage Utilising CSP | Supplying Electricity to
the Grid in a Dispatchable Way
  • CSP with Molten Salt Storage System (MSSS): advantages
  • Who to adapt the CSP electricity production to the grid demand
  • Molten salt central tower technology: advantages
  • Case studiy: GEMASOLAR Plant, continuous electricity supplied to the grid 24/7

Speaker: Juan Ignacio, Burgaleta, Consultant Engineer,
                                                                                                             Torresol Energy
Obervermuntwerk II and Kops II | Best Practice Examples to Meet the Goal
of Flexibility
  • Energy Transition – requirements to generators and system security
  • Facing the challenges based on huge RES generation in future
  • Technical challenges to hydropower units
  • 10 year experiences with Kops II & the future of HP

                                                  Speaker: Peter Matt, Head of Engineering Services,
                                                                                           Vorarlberger Illwerke AG
EU Conventional and RES Power & Energy Project Financing: Short to
Medium Term Prospects & Risks / Return Profile
  • Future of financing for power: syndicate profiles and requirements
  • Falling cost of solar & renewables vs Low of hydrocarbon prices: Impact on renewable vs
    conventional power investments
  • Renewables & auction processes for subsidies Vs  feed-in tariffs or contract for differences
    at fixed levels
  • Effect on power projects given the record number of sovereign down-grades
  • Requirements of the new energy investor: Profile of equity infrastructure funds seeking

Speakers / Contributors:
Nandita Parshad, Managing Director, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development*
Philip Roberts, Co-head of structured finance for EMEA, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group*
John-Patrick Sweny, Counsel, Latham & Watkins*
Michael Salcher, Global Sector Head of Power and Utilities, National Sector Leader of Energy &
Natural Resources,
KPMG (Germany) & Chair (Europe, Middle East, Africa), Global Energy Institute*
Daniel Kockisch, Director Structured Syndicate, HypoVereinsbank - UniCredit Bank AG*
18:00 | Pre - Conference Forum Sessions Close
20:00 | Official Power Europe Welcome Dinner for All Summit Attendees
Latest Developments in Electric Vehicle System and EV Eco-System Design
Speaker: Dr. Gerd Schauer, Senior Technology Manager, Innovation, Research &

Dr. Schauer is Senior Technology Manager in the Competence Centre Innovation,
Research and Development of Verbund (Holding) and coordinates R&D activities.
He graduated as an electrical engineer in 1981 from the Technical University of
Vienna and gained his PhD in developed power electronics and converted EV
(1988, University of Mining, Leoben). At Verbund he is involved in R&D-projects in
the fields of new renewable energies (hydro power, PV, wind, biomass) and
electric vehicles. His task is the general management of research activities at
Verbund. He is member at National and European Associations/Working groups,
made numerous publications to renewable energies, electric vehicles, and is a
lecturer at University of Applied Science and works as consultant and project
New Technologies & Advances in Large Scale Storage Deployment
Current and Future Solutions & Applications
  • Best means to secure the grid: exploring new technologies
  • The important risks and limitations regarding storage solutions
  • The business case for storage solutions

Speaker: Timothee Hinchliffe, Project Manager, Energy Storage, EDF

Timothée Hinchliffe is project manager on energy storage economics at EDF
R&D. His main focus over the past five years has been the assessment of
energy storage needs through the use of modelling, and considering the
competition with other flexibility levers such as interconnections or demand
response. Timothée holds a Master’s in Electrical engineering from Supelec.
ENEL's 'Open Power Strategy' | New Technologies and Business Strategy
  • The Formula E project: sharing innovative products and solutions to a
    global audience
  • Transition to the 'Smart City' of the future with new technologies in
    electrical mobility, networks and renewable energy
  • Enel’s positioning as a modern utility that is open, flexible, responsive
    and able to lead the energy transition.

Speaker: Joao Duarte, Head of Brand Strategy and Activation, ENEL
Power Project Finance Structuring for Energy Utilities & Investors
  • Allocating risks between investors | forging equitable agreements
  • How to size debt for the projects
  • Rating criteria for infrastructure and project finance
  • Practical case studies in the infrastructure, power (renewables and thermal)
  • Return on experience and what can go wrong in a project.

 Speaker: Jean-Bruno Dufour, Project Finance Director,
                                                                             Crédit Industriel et Commercial
                         Jean-Bruno is responsible for selecting, screening, and enhancing project finance
transactions with suitable risk/return for approval by credit committees in the power and oil & gas
sectors,. He actively manages an existing portfolio of Project Finance assets totalling €500m and
advises and designs group structures to facilitate and promote the financing of projects (with a
special focus on renewables). Previously as Vice President at Credit Lyonnais Energy &
Infrastructure team Jean-Bruno was responsible for arranging mandates in Europe and Asia
STREAM 2   |   Pre-Conference Power Project Financing Forum
27th November
New Power
Technologies &
Financing Forum
+ Extended DERMS
"The event gives a great
overview of the challenges
being faced by the utilities
industry today together
with a snapshot of the
technical solutions
currently available and
under development."
Kenneth Engblom
Marketing Director, Wärtsilä

"An exceptional summit.
Very good speakers that
completely satisfied what I
wanted to hear about.
Excellent job by the EPG
management team."
Dr. George Papaioannou,
ADMIE S.A (Greek T.S.O)

"Extremely informative and
insightful regarding the
most recent power market
developments and
preparing for the
challenges ahead - All
excellent speakers and
presentations, thank you!"
Dragana Popovic,
Production Planning

"Attending Power Europe I
get important additional
insights regarding the
future developments
occurring in the European
Energy Market."
Sabrina van de Kerk,
Structured Finance - Power &
. ING Bank NV

"Extremely useful to be
informed of the current
situation in European
energy markets, the return
on capital investments,
electricity pricing structure
and market design."
Alexey Gruber, Head of
Financial Planning,
NP Market Council

"Great presentations,
excellent programme,
interesting attendees and
perfect organisation - a
networking MUST! "
Andreas Frömmel, VP -
Commercial & Business
Energy Solutions

" An excellent conference,
very informative and
extremely well organised. "
Dr. William Kyte
Former Senior Advisor
28th November
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29th November
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