Distributed Energy Resource Management
Dedicated Extended Workshop | 27th November 2017
Lead by Enbala Power Networks (2.5 hours)

Part 1 | Introduction to Distributed Energy Resources

  • The Rise of Distributed Energy Resources – The history and status of DERs. Current
    business cases and initiatives.
  • The Regulatory and Market Environment for DERs – The impacts of EU, cross-border,
    national, and local policies and regulations. Current debates and controversies (e.g.,
    capacity). The status and prospects of DER markets. What TSOs and DSOs should expect
    as the context for their initiatives.
  • Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) - VPP varieties and alternatives: definition, role, and design.
    Examples of different VPP types now deployed. VPP plans and design for the future.
  • Technical and Operating Challenges for DERs – Performance criteria for DERs. How DERs
    work. Managing DERs compared to managing traditional energy resources. Technical
    issues of DER design, deployment, operation, and maintenance. What a DERMS needs to
  • Q & A followed by a short break.

Part 2 | Distributed Energy Resource Management
  • Standard Management Methods -  Traditional approaches to managing DERs (e.g.,
    operating constraints, grid devices).
  • Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) – Software platform and
    architecture. Integration with other platforms. TSO vs. DSO design differences. Cybersecurity.
  • DERMS Use Cases – TSO, DSO and energy-supplier use cases for DERMS.
  • Q & A

Part 3 | Developing DERMS and Supporting VPPs in Your Organization
  • Selection - What to ask vendors during the planning stage. DERMS and VPP performance
    criteria to include in a Request-for-Proposal (RFP). Pricing. Selection metrics.
  • Testing – How to design and operate DERMS and VPP Proof of Concept tests across a
    variety of requirements. Discovering and employing best-practices and learning from other
    organizations. Evaluating test results.
  • Deployment – Integrating DERMS and VPPs with other systems and resources. Upgrading
    DERMS and VPPs.
  • Future Challenges – What to expect as DERs continue to develop. VPP market prospects.
    New research & development directions for TSOs, DSOs, and their suppliers.
  • Q & A
  • Conclusions

Presented by:
Craig Boice,
Senior Advisor to the President, Enbala Power Networks
Bud Vos, President, Enbala Power Networks
Eric Young, Vice President, Enbala Power Networks

The presenting team will be available immediately after the workshop, and throughout the event, for
further discussion.
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