The New Power Technologies Forum | Wednesday 27th October
As part of the 2021 Power Europe Summit pre-conference focus seminars the New Power-
Technology Forum's focuses on new EMS, DMS and DER management system implementation.
Top of the agenda is enhancing efficiency, flexibitity and resilience within the power value chain to
accelerate the industry's necessary low-carbon energy transition and 2030 and 2050 climate goals.
We invite leading manufacturers, developers and energy utilities (TSOs, DSOs and generators) to
discuss and evaluate the latest technologies that can be implemented within the asset
management and development roadmaps for conventional and renewable power generation,
transmission and distribution projects.

Main themes include:

  • Distributed Resource Management System Development & RES Integration.
  • Implementation of IEC Standards to Promote Interopability and Future-Proofing.
  • Smart Grids, SCADA, and Integration of AI and Machine Learning Management Systems.
  • New and Upcoming Technologies Affecting Coal, Gas, Nuclear, Wind, Solar, Geothermal
    and Hydroelectric Power Generation, Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Management.
  • Smart Power, Grids and Demand Management Systems & Electric Vehicle Integration.
  • Integrating New Technologies to Power Business Models & Evolving Smart City Systems.
  • New Technologies & Distribution System Transformation Case Studies.
  • New Technology & Product Show Cases By Leading Manufacturers and Developers.
European Power Strategy & Systems Summit
& Power Project Financing and New Technologies Forum
27th - 29th October 2021 | Amsterdam | Netherlands