The Power Europe Sponsors & Partners
Members include utilities, software, hardware and service providers, and solution integrators that
share a common goal and vision for promoting open standards for energy demand side
management, smart grid and smart metering systems.

The alliance promotes the change in perspective of the current metering business, from selling
isolated units, into offering interoperable smart meter management systems as an embedded
element in the total value chain of energy sales and distribution. In addition, AMM, based on OSGP
AMI architecture, offers added value in achieving the political objectives such as; saving energy and
reducing CO2 blast and ensuring stability of the grid. Last but not least it will also contribute to more
consumer satisfaction, in supporting a better understanding of energy consumption and as basis
for a competitive energy purchase.
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OSGP Alliance, founded in 2006 as the Energy
Services Network Association, is an
independent global, non-profit association that
promotes the adoption of the Open Smart Grid
Protocol (OSGP) and related services  and
infrastructure for smart grid applications.
FORESIGHT Climate & Energy is the essential read from
Denmark on the global transition to a decarbonised energy
economy — objective reporting on what really matters by expert
journalists and writers from around the world.

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you and your colleagues full digital access. Subscribe at
COGEN Europe promotes the widespread development of cogeneration in Europe and worldwide.
To achieve this goal, COGEN Europe works at the EU level and with member states to develop
sustainable energy policies and remove unnecessary barriers to implementation.

COGEN Europe is involved in a wide range of functions such as:
•  Representing the interests of COGEN Europe members and of the cogeneration sector.
•   Participation in European projects.
•   Coordination of internal expert Working Groups.
•   Production of COGEN Europe publications.

The COGEN Europe network covers the whole of the European Union, Central and Eastern
Europe, and also includes Japan, Australia and the United States.
COGEN Europe’s status is that of a Belgian non-for-profit organisation
COGEN Europe is the European association for the promotion of
cogeneration. Its principal goal is to work towards the wider use of
cogeneration in Europe for a sustainable energy future. Cogeneration or
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the most efficient way to deliver
heating, cooling and electricity. It is based on the simultaneous
production of electricity and thermal energy, both of which are used. The
central and most fundamental principle of cogeneration is that, in order
to maximise the many benefits that arise from it, systems should be
based on the heat demand of the application.
We are 17,000 devoted experts within the fields of infrastructure, industry and energy, operating
across the world to create sustainable solutions for future generations.

Successful market players stay ahead of the game – adapting their strategies, business models
and operations to lead through change. If you’re after sharp independent advice, we’re here to help.
Working closely with you, we bring informed best practice to your project and business strategy,
gained from decades of energy industry expertise. Our clients gain from our deep insight
accumulated by specialist energy sector consultants, who are passionate about your projects and
ensure organisations achieve sustainable success - from strategy creation, through
implementation roll-out to operational excellence and M&A.

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AFRY is an international engineering,
design and advisory company. We
support our clients to progress in
sustainability and digitalisation.
The European Industrial Insulation Foundation is a European non-profit
foundation registered in Switzerland.  The EiiF was established in 2009 by
the European contractor's association FESI and 11 other Partners. It
comprises Europe’s leading insulation contractors and manufacturers. As a
neutral and non-profit institution it promotes insulation as a top-of-mind
method of enhancing sustainability and profitability. It strives to raise the
awareness of the growing, much needed benefits of insulation. Since its
foundation EiiF has established itself as a resource for industries that need
to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy.
European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories e.V.
(DERlab) is an association of over 30 leading laboratories
and research institutes in the field of distributed energy
resources equipment and systems. The association
develops joint requirements and quality criteria for the
Power Europe Supporting Associations & Marketing Partners
connection and operation of distributed energy resources (DER) and strongly supports the
consistent development of DER technologies. DERlab offers testing and consulting services for
distributed generation (DG) to support the transition towards more decentralised power systems.
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GeoConnexion International and GeoConnexion UK
bring you the latest news and stories plus reports from
geotechnology industries in UK, Europe, the Middle East,
Africa, North America and Asia.
Coverage of topics such as 3D Visualisation, Remote Sensing, LiDAR, Cloud, Mobile Mapping,
Navigation with emphases on healthcare, public safety, retail, the environment, utilities, surveying,
LBS, transport/ logistics, telecommunications and more.

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Utility Services, Inc.’s primary directive is to ensure
client compliance, reliability, and security programs
meet or exceed the expectations of the North American
standards. In 2007, federal, state, and provincial
governments throughout North America established
mandatory standards for the electric industry.  The
program is administered through the North American
Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and overseen by
the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission under the
US Government.
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Energy Business Review (EBR) is a well established online
knowledge portal for the entire energy community, covering Oil & Gas,
Power and Mining. It has an audience of over one million hits a year in
addition to more than 150,000 registered, opt-in subscribers across
the group. Each industry sector has its own landing page with
homepages and network sites drilling down into the relevant subsectors, providing you with the
latest industry news, whitepapers, feature articles, suppliers directory, newsletters, and more.
With technology advancing and the demand for electrical energy only growing in North America.
Many standards have been created ensure that the bulk electrical industry can continue to
successfully serve it’s patrons. Since the inception of the mandating of these regulatory groups
and accompanying standards in 2007. Utility Services has been right beside electrical entities
assisting them with navigating and understanding, the steps they must take to ensure the
success of the bulk electrical industry.

We pride our selves in being the support service provider that entities of all sizes can count on to
navigate compliance standards from every avenue. Being a client of US will give you access to a
wealth of industry knowledge and expertise like no other.
One of the ways we ensure our clients get the best possible service is through committing our
team to actively participating in our industry. Through our memberships, to community involvement
we are committed to being involved in all aspects of what can effect the bulk electrical industry and
the entities we serve.

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CTC Global is a manufacturer of High-Capacity, Low-Sag (“HCLS”/“HTLS”) ACCC® Conductor
solutions utilising hybrid glass-fiber composite core. ACCC® improves efficiency, capacity,
reliability and resiliency of the power grid, with greatly reduced sag. Currently installed over 80.000
km, 675+ projects in 50+ countries.

Greater strength and lighter weight, permitting optimum conductor fill with no weight penalty.
ACCC® reduces I2R losses by 25- 40% or more compared to other conductors of the same size.
ACCC® also reduces thermal sag and offers sustained high temperature capability.

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Our service portfolio is based on unique and proprietary technologies which are designed to satisfy
the highest technical performance demands and enable step-change innovations. With a proven
track record, the broad range of extra-high, high voltage AC and DC and medium voltage cable
applications as well as semi-conductive products are made possible by Borealis’ Borlink™
technology. Borealis’ Visico™ technology is used in low and medium voltage energy distribution
cable solutions, where it helps extend the lifetime of cable systems. Capacitor film products are
consistently and qualitatively enhanced by Borealis’ leading polypropylene (PP) material solutions.

Borealis energy solutions are bringing energy all around.

Borlink™, Visico™, Ambicat™, Casico™ and BorClean™ are trademarks of the Borealis Group.

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For over 50 years, Borealis has been a
leading provider of innovative and
value-creating polyolefin compounds for the
global wire and cable industry. Applications
Bidgely is a SaaS Company that
enables utilities to generate new
revenue streams and accelerate our
path towards zero carbon by delivering
AI-powered customer experience.
consumption, demographic, and interactions - into deeply accurate and actionable consumer
energy insights. We leverage these insights to empower each customer with personalised
recommendations, tailored to their individual personality and lifestyle, usage attributes,
behavioural patterns, purchase propensity, and beyond.

From smart thermostats to EV chargers, solar PVs or Time of Use tariffs, Bidgely UtilityAI™
recommends new value-added products and services customers when we know it is right. With
roots in Silicon Valley, Bidgely has over 14 energy patents, $50M+ in funding, retains 30+ data
scientists, and brings a passion for AI to utilities serving residential customers around the world.

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Lead Artificial Intelligence Partner
In an era of big data, increasing volatility in energy markets, and declining margins, how do you
manage your risks and make the right trading and strategic decisions?

Genscape provides a unique range of fundamental data and analytical solutions to give your
business unparalleled insights into European power markets.   Part of the Daily Mail and General
Trust group, we deliver innovative solutions across a number of asset classes including: Oil,
Power, Natural Gas and LNG, Agriculture, Petrochemical and NGLs, and Maritime.

Our PowerRT platform brings together a vast array of quality and fit-for-purpose fundamental
European power market data.  This includes data from our proprietary monitoring systems which
constantly track production and interconnection in real time.  And the EPSI platform provides fast
and easy-to-use scenario analysis and price forecasting capability for short term trading analysis
through to longer term planning and strategy.Genscape is uniquely placed to meet your power
market data and analysis needs, whether you are analysing market movements, actively trading
the markets, or evaluating longer term strategic opportunities.

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standards of technical support, consulting, data and implementation services to our customers.

Energy Exemplar continues to push the envelope with extensive investment in research and
development. We constantly strive to offer the most comprehensive software solutions to our
customer base and ensure that we are first-to-market with the latest advances in
optimisation-based electric and gas market simulation technology.

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Energy Exemplar is an ISO 9001:2008
certified company for quality software
development of the best-in-class Electric
and Gas Market Simulation Software with
a customer base spanning the globe
and a track record of success spanning
more than 15 years. We develop,
implement and support the PLEXOS®
Integrated Energy Model software. Our
dedicated team provides the highest
– decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy efficiency and the strongest driver of
all, increasing the share of renewable energy connected to our networks. EDSO and its members
are committed to taking on this huge challenge, while at the same time ensuring the reliability of
Europe’s electricity supply to consumers and enabling them to take a more active part in our
energy system. EDSO is the key-interface between Europe’s DSOs and the European institutions,
promoting the development and large-scale testing of smart grid models and technologies in real-
life situations, new market designs and regulation.
EPPSA actively promotes technologies for highly efficient and sustainable power generation in a
carbon constrained world. EPPSA believes increased investment in Research, Development and
Demonstration is a key factor in driving EU competitiveness as well as ensuring affordable near
zero emission power supplies. Virtually all power plants in the EU are built by members of EPPSA
or are equipped with their components. For further information please call +32 2 743 29 86 or
e-mail :  | Web:
The European Power Plant Suppliers Association
(EPPSA) is the voice, at European level, of companies
supplying power plants, components and services.
EPPSA members, located throughout Europe, represent
a leading sector of technology with more than 100 000
employees and annual revenue of over 30 billion euros.
As the coordinating center for addressing issues involving energy, Oesterreichs Energie works
closely with political institutions, governmental and non-governmental organisations and provides
a voice for the power industry in communicating with its customers. Oesterreichs Energie brings
together some 140 member power utilities; combined, these generate over 90 percent of Austria‘s
electricity and are responsible for the country‘s power transportation and distribution. With a
workforce of nearly 21 000, the member companies in 2016 produced around 65 billion kilowatt
hours, about 70  percent of which was generated from sustainable hydropower resources..

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Oesterreichs Energie has
represented the combined
interests of the electricity industry
vis-à-vis political and
administrative partners as well
as the general public since 1953.
EDSO for Smart Grids gathers leading European
distribution system operators (DSOs) for electricity,
cooperating to bring smart grids from vision to reality in
Europe and is focused on guiding EU RD&D, policy and
member state regulation to support this development.
Smart grids are a prerequisite to achieving the EU’s
ambitious energy and climate objectives to 2020 and
Annual Strategic Consultancy Partner
European Power Strategy & Systems Summit
& Power Project Financing and New Technologies Forum
27th - 29th October 2021 | Amsterdam | Netherlands